Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter holidays

Where were we?

Hard to believe it's only been a week since we were relaxing in the sun by the pool.  It seems like such a long time ago.  And, I'm well and truly past the calm, well rested, sun-kissed vacation feeling.

We had a day in Kuala Lumpur before driving up to Kuantan for a few days.  We caught up with some of my extended family up there and enjoyed lots of time by the pool and on the beach.  It was a perfect Easter weekend.  Even the Easter bunny showed up in our hotel room.  The kids loved the all-you-can-eat buffet.  The waffles.  Oh, the waffles.  Even our smallest shuggled hers.

We all enjoyed the sun, given our total absence of it in HK.
Cally, a relative newcomer to the water, managed to keep up with her siblings, who spent the better part of our four days in Kuantan in their swimsuits.

I don't quite know why, but I love this photo of Cally walking near the pool.

When Ella wasn't busy learning to swim in the pool, she enjoyed the sand and the waves.  There are many photos like this of my sisters and I in our childhood on this same beach in Kuantan.
We woke up to this sunrise on Easter morning.  Not bad, eh?

Buddy and Joey tried boogie boarding.

When we returned to KL, we did more swimming at my parents' pool, and even managed some site seeing.  We made the short trip (5 stops on the train) to KLCC, the mall underneath these majestic Petronas Twin Towers.  The tour of the skybridge is free, but tickets usually run out early in the morning.  Luckily for us, there were some last minute cancellations and we managed a ride up 44 floors to get out onto the bridge and see the city around us.

It was a cloudy day (one of two on our whole trip).  Usually, these towers glow in the sun and are lit up to glow at night too.  I know I'm a city girl because I just love these buildings.  They were built when I was in high school here.

I have many more pictures to share, and I haven't even included the exciting bit about Ella learning to swim, just as Buddy did two years ago.  I'll write another post on that later.


Putri said...

love the photos, looks like you guys had so much fun. i'm so glad you got to spend easter with mum and dad, and in malaysia. so jealous. love you tons.

Unknown said...

Omigosh! I almost fainted when I read this post. I'm from Kuantan. Now living in Kota Bharu coz I married a Kelantanese. My parents are still there and I go back occasionally. Did you stay at Hyatt in Teluk Chempedak? Btw, love love love the pictures of the kids!

Liv225 said...

The sunset looks absolutely fab! you guys are soo lucky, I'm like uber jealous. I could definitely use a break from school and a sadly bipolar weather. Your kids are adorable and you guys look like you had an awesome time! Love it! :)

Norbyah said...

Hi Darfia,

Yes, we stayed at the Hyatt in Teluk Chempedak. That whole area has changed so much since I was a child. We used to live in a house on Lorong Kubang Buaya. My uncle and cousins are still in Kuantan, so we visited them. My parents own a condo in KL so we stay there.

What a small world.


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