Monday, March 29, 2010

A proper Cally update

I know. Long overdue. But, I promise I'll make it worth it. I'll even put in video clips.

These days, Cally is more upright, than horizontal. She's been walking for almost a month. And, with her new ability, come new challenges. For all of us.  She got her first pair of big girl shoes this past weekend.  A cute pair of red sandals - thank you Nining.  And, she loves them.  They are real shoes (not the robeez she's been wearing) so they live in the shoe cabinet along with the other kids' shoes.  I can just tell she's so proud to have a spot on the shelf for her shoes.  She walks around with them held out in front and shows anyone who will look because, of course, we ooooh her.  It's just a bit hard to get her to put them back.  They are such fun to play with.

I am still working on weaning her.  For the last week, we've been working on dropping the midday feeding.  I think this one is proving to get the better of us.  Both her and me.  I love coming home for a cuddle during lunch.  And, I think she likes it too.  It was a good week to do it, because both Monday and Tuesday I had to stay up at school for lunch (for meetings and things), so out of sight out of mind.  I can tell this is difficult for her though; she's become far more clingy when I come home in the afternoon.  And today at lunch, she chucked a wobbly - Nana! nana! she pointed at me....yep, I fall into the category of food, too.  Lovely.  And tough.  She's already at the age when I had totally weaned the other two.  And she shows no signs of really wanting to end.  I know I was sentimental over this, but I am beginning to feel like I need her to move to the next phase.  Though, I realize even admitting that makes me feel utterly guilty.  And sad.  The reality is I'm happy to feed her once in the evening, but more than that is starting to take a physical toll on me.  I spend most of the early hours of mornings contorted and twisted, while she sleeps next to me and feeds.  It's so I can sleep, sort of.

It's funny to see this picture because she hardly ever crawls anymore.

Cally's hair.  It's so different from the other two.  It's very straight.  And very fair.  She's our little blondie.  Apparently, Joey's hair was this light too when he was a bubba.  Lately, Cals has been wearing her hair in a ponytail on the top of her head, you know, like a tree.  Ella used to wear her hair this way at the same age.  The difference is that Ella's hair was curly.  Cally's is stick straight.  So her hair stands up tall in her ponytail.  A little like an imperial helmet with the horsehair jutting out the top.  It's adorable.  And, her skin is also like porcelain.  We have to slather this little one in sunscreen.  She got a tiny bit of color two weekends ago, but is still shades lighter than her siblings.

Cally now has 4 teeth.  Two on top.  Two on bottom.  For a while she was keeping pace with Buddy.  He'd lose one, she'd grow one.  But, she's now taken the lead.  He has stalled out at two lost teeth.  I have a sneaky suspicion she's got more teeth moving around in there.  I'm not sleeping very much, so I tell myself that has to be it.

And these feet.  The ones from the ultrasound picture.  I love these little feet.  Now that she's walking, her clammy little feet pick up every bit of lint and every tiny crumb on our floor.

So, that pretty much catches you up.  Though, as fast as she is developing, this post will be outdated by the end of the week.  I keep reminding myself that I need to get on here and write more about it because it's all whizzing by so quickly, and I want to remember it all.

Check back for a video later.  I'll post one as soon as I can catch her and get her to stay still with me long enough to show some of her tricks...without grabbing my camera.


Shan said...

How time does travel by so fast. Cally is looking more and more gorgeous. You and Joe sure have some good genes. xo

Anonymous said... cute!!! love the pics. i just can't believe how quickly she is growing though. =( this summer can't get here soon enough. all three of them grow far too quickly between visits....hmph! xn

Commentbug here said...

happy saturday, love the blog

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