Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i feel a bit stupid. tonight, when i was cleaning up some of cally's toys in the living room, i somehow managed to give myself a pretty good knock on the head. i was picking up a block or something and when i turned to put it away, my forehead met with the corner of the wall. our walls are concrete walls. there is no give. let me tell you how hard concrete really feels. luckily, i only let out a good owwww! and nothing more.

i knew it was a bit more than a bump because i lay myself straight on my back on our living room rug. ella (her usual caring and concerned self) came over to ask me if i was okay. she didn't seem convinced because i was still holding my head, even though i told her i was fine.

when joey came out of the kitchen to see what the commotion was, buddy joined in on the concern. when joey actually saw the big goose-egg sized bump, complete with some blood, he said ooh, hun, you'd better get some ice on that. he doesn't usually call me hun, so i knew it was a beauty.

(this picture does it no justice)

at that point i looked in the mirror on my way to the kitchen. yikes! little ella seemed a bit freaked out at the sight of blood and the size of the bump forming on my head, so i kept it covered with the ice and a towel. i think i even saw her gagging a bit. for the rest of the night, she stayed well away from me. she didn't want to see my bump or be anywhere close to it. when i took the towel and ice off so i could read a bedtime book (i felt up to it after a while), she stayed on the opposite side of the bed and i even think she said something like, mummy put that sing (thing) away!

buddy, on the other hand, became very clingy. he didn't want to leave me downstairs to rest when it was time to brush teeth, and he came back down to help me up. his eyes said it all for me. i felt a little glad to know that with all the growing up he's doing, and even with his desire to be independent (or when he gives me attitude), he's still my little mama's boy. he gave me the best seat on the bed for books and lots of kisses.

i won't lie. it does hurt. but more than anything, the rest of the week is a busy one. HKD has an inter school competition we're hosting tomorrow, and on thursday and friday we have parent/teacher conferences. nice. nothing like having to explain a big goose-egg bump on my forehead for the remainder of the week to a bunch of strangers. it should be good and black and blue by that point.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! That "sing" is HUGE! =( Aiya....poor nornie....be careful....and make sure if you feel light headed at all.....you get it looked at. Seriously. Well....hope the rest of your week gets better...and a little less bumpy. BTW the kids reaction....priceless. Michael hasn't changed one bit....he's always been such a sweet little boy....always aware and concerned about how you are and how you are feeling. And ella?! Hysterical. Put that sing away. I can totally hear her....anyhow...hope you feel better! make sure you keep an eye on it....and any possible headaches! love you! xn

brummygem said...

OW -norbyah, that looks so painful. i hope it stops hurting and that the bump goes away soon. and i agree with your sis, if you feel lightheaded, please go get it checked out. your kids sound so sweet! x

gilly said...

OUCH! That's a good one! You do know that there is, of course, a lesson to be learned here?...
Don't pick up toys!

Norbyah said...

yes, i quite literally 'hit the wall' with that.

Shan said...

How did you not swear? It looks like a shiner!! I hate it when I do mindless thing like that ... it puts me in a right royal mood for the rest of the day. Take care xo

Becca said...

Dang girl.
That is a NASTY bump.
And I can't believe you didn't swear.
Extra amazing mother points for you.

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