Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My better half missing!

Not really. He's in Laos for interim week. I'm here, holding down the fort. Single mama. Three kids. (Okay, again, not really... I have Eva and Jojo, fortunately). But on Sunday I did it all by myself since it was their day off. And the kids didn't take it easy on me, let me tell you. Buddy was sick. Puke fest at 2 am. I'd just tucked Ella in only moments before. After I took care of him, Cally was up at 3 am. Nope. Not easy. But, I did it. And, I'm damn proud to say that I still can.

Really, I get compliments from some of you readers that I feel I don't deserve. Things about managing work and being a mother of three. Well ladies, I have help. You guys are the ones who deserve compliments.

As does my husband. I am aware (and I already know this when he is here) in a more real way with his absence, just how much he does to keep me together. He is a fantastic father. Patient. Loving. Nurturing. And, oh so fun to have around.

And, for me. He's my best friend. Truly my better half because he empowers me to be better than I am by myself. He gives me perspective in a way that is uniquely Joey. So, you know. I need a reminder from time to time. I really, really miss him -- not just because I think I'm going crazy with Buddy being well enough to argue with his sister again, or Ella talking in her Chinese English accent since Saturday, or Cally hiding the remotes and waking me up every two hours last night -- but because with him, I am whole.


emily said...


what an awesome photo at the end, of one of my favorite couples in the world.

and, joey's glasses rock!

gilly said...

why am I only reading this now? That was nice. Don's just got back from two weeks away on a motorbike tour of Vietnam. I've told him to think of it as a 'once in a lifetime trip' 'cause he's NEVER leaving me with 2 kids (never mind 3!) all by my self again. Of course you's what we do! xx

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