Friday, February 19, 2010

For Emily

I've been meaning to take these pictures for some time. Finding the right moment, the right light, and of course, a few minutes of extra time made this a challenge. But, the other day, the thought crossed my mind, I had a few minutes to spare and I thought there could be some good light by the full length window in Cally's room.

And this was what I got.

A little bit of resistance when it came to keeping the hat on.

Some minor success with the hat when she was distracted. (If I faced her towards me, she made a quick break for me and my camera. I had to wipe some baby fingerprints off my lens.)

And then, the money shot.

And another.

Sweet Cally in her sweet hat given to her by her Godparents Dave and Emily for Christmas.


emily said...

thank you! (she's looking just like ella!)

Putri said...

What a beautiful hat Emily! I love the flower and the colors, so cute, and Cally looks adorable in it! XOP

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