Monday, February 22, 2010

The beginning of the end

...of breastfeeding.

Forgive me. This post is going to be a mopey, down in the dumps a little, feeling sad kind of post. I've started weaning Cally. Now that she's one, she can have cow's milk (she's not entirely crazy about it, so we're working on that). That means, I should wean her. The doctor said she should be getting more food than milk. I know all this, and I weaned my other two around this same age.

But, this feels different. I know this is the last baby I'll breastfeed. And, next to actually being pregnant, it's my favorite thing about being a mum. Even with the clogged milk ducts, sore boobs, cabbage in my bra stuff (and I've had a lot of that this time around), I love it.

So this morning, I missed her. She usually comes up to my mum's house at around 9:10 and I nurse her. For the last few mornings when we've been on holiday, we've stretched her through this morning feeding. It made no sense to bring her up to work today; she'd only be expecting a suck. Once she's weaned, she can visit all she likes, but for now...for now, she's staying home. And, even though I saw her at lunch and I'm only 3 minutes away, I missed her.

And, I'll miss the quiet, snuggly moments I have with her when she's totally weaned.

I mean, wasn't she just this big? My online baby updates now read - your toddler this can that be?

I know there are wonderful things in store for us, but I am having a bit of a hard time letting this phase of her life go.


gilly said...

have another one!

Laura Z said...

have to agree with gilly. i'm getting antsy for another. and although i don't completely love the whole breastfeeding experience in the moment, i do miss it when it's gone, too. :(

take a look at the breastfeeding biting photos a few months back and at least you may miss it a little less.

and... got your photo yesterday. thank you. (: oliver really liked looking at your kids, too. they're gorgeous.


Norbyah said...

got your card yesterday too! what a coincidence. it's on our fridge. so sweet. joey thinks oliver is a spitting image of ben.

will you have another one???? i don't think i'm ambitious enough for 4.


Above Links Inspiration said...

Nice pictures and good respond from the kids

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