Thursday, January 21, 2010

A toothy, I mean, toothless grin.

In the midst of all the other chaos this week (grades, a new semester, Joey away, blah...blah...) we've made a very important discovery. Well, actually two.

Buddy has a loose tooth! He noticed it on Sunday morning, after biting into an apple. It's the bottom middle one to the left. Can you believe my baby boy has a loose tooth? I mean, when his baby teeth fall out, that means he's really a big boy, right? And, he spent all of Sunday bubbly about his tooth. What an exciting time for him. It made me remember how one of my sisters used to refuse to pull out a loose tooth, even when it was dangling by a thread. I asked my mum who it was, but she couldn't remember. Only later, on Monday when we called my two sisters, did Emmy confess that it was her.

Just last night, I heard a shout from the shower upstairs. Apparently, the tooth right next to his loose one is starting to wobble. Good grief!

But, before we had a chance to even share his wobbly tooth news with all the family, we made another important discovery. On Monday, we noticed that Cally has sprouted her first tooth! In exactly the same place that Buddy's is loose. Amazing.

So, as you can see, I've had teeth on the brain all week. We've got a toothy grin, about to be less so. And, a toothless grin, about to become more so. And a little Ella in between, who also tells us she's got wobbly teeth, too. Bless her, she's so adorable.

**And don't worry, I will take pictures as soon as we get some action.


janet tan said...

You make me laff! Thanks

Anonymous said... it! Just not sure what I find more hysterical.....Michael and his wobbly teeth...Cally with her post office box grin...OR.....Ella...the green kangaroo! Jared and I still laugh at her little voice chiming into Jared and M's toy designing conversation with her off the wall penguin fact....which she then followed with...Buddy, Scoot! she edged herself onto M's chair in front of the computer. And Jared's view of it all: M's face squished over to the left with the top of E's head in the center. Hysterical. Love those buggers! xn

Becca said...

Enjoying catching up Norbyah! My god they are all growing up so fast. Loving the new pics from your camera. Good luck with the loose teeth. The pictures of ella from the sleep over are precious. she is such a gorgeous little thing! Have a good week.

Unknown said...

Hi Norbyah,

I always like reading about your day to day life. Skyler still talks about Michael and Ella. You realize when someone looses a tooth a baby gets a new tooth. We have a little boy next door and whenever Skyler looses a tooth she wants to call them to warn them that Brennan will be getting her tooth soon. Too cute! You will have to let Michael know.

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