Saturday, January 9, 2010


I dated skaters in high school. So, it figures that I've married one.

Yep. A 15 year old skater disguised in a 36 year old body.

Buddy has steadily improved since two summers ago when he first got his board. He used to just push himself along with one foot on the board, never really putting both feet up to glide forward. Now, he's got some more confidence and experience, he can balance on the board and he's even trying the half pipe. And with Buddy's steady improvement and growing enthusiasm, Joey's old skating obsession is once again an obsession.

He and Buddy go to a skate park (complete with ramps and a half pipe) in Chai Wan. I love my skater boys.

On New Year's day, we all ventured out to this skate park on a much needed outing from our neighborhood. There was something for everyone.

The girls and I walked around the park and found a little playground. While there were no swings, Ella did have fun on the slide.

And so did Cally.

I had fun using my new camera to take pictures of it all.
(Hey, someone has to, right?)


MER BAGS said...

skate and create! carve it up! peel it!

Putri said...

awesome! looks like such fun! buddy looks so confident, and joey looks amazing! great shots norn, i love the picture of ella, she is so cute, and little cally is so sweet.
love you

Norbyah said...

yay! a new follower! great to talk to you both this afternoon. love you.

Diane said...

Wow! Your new camera really freezes GREAT action, Norbayah! How about handing the camera to someone else to take YOU doing some cheerleading moves? Your whole team is thriving because of YOU, dear one! You girls are Soooo CUTE! And "the boys" are such guys! Go TEAM!

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