Friday, January 15, 2010


Another milestone met and surpassed with flying colors. The sleepover.

It was a much anticipated event.

We packed the lovies - all seven of them.

We headed up the hill, up the lift and up the stairs to Nining's house (Grandad had just left for Vietnam a few days prior, so it was just the girls).

As has become the sleepover routine (established by Buddy), the bed in the spare room was set up, the dinner (a special delivery of Joey's pizza) & dessert were specially picked, and Nining quickly made Ella some Milo.

All went well until...midway through dinner, we got a skype call from Nining's. On a skype call to Grandad, she had chomped down on her tongue - quite hard - and I could tell from the quivering chin and the silent sobs, that she needed me.

I had fully anticipated, as I walked up the hill, that I might be bringing her back down with me. She is, afterall, a full year younger than Buddy was on his first Nining sleepover. But, as I walked in the door, I could already tell that her tongue was feeling better. She had infact, drawn blood with that bite, but she was all smiles when I walked in. She melted into my arms when I hugged her, still glad to be comforted by me. And then she confided that she was a bit scared to sleep in the other room by herself. So we quickly set her up in Grandad's spot, next to Nining.

We wondered aloud if she might snore like Grandad if she slept in his spot, and picked a Mr. Men book to read. Mr. Topsy Turvy. I could tell I'd missed some kind of inside joke between little Ella and my mum. They were all giggles about Mr. Silly and Mr. Topsy Turvy. Mr. Topsy Turvy says things all backwards, like night good instead of good night. I sang my usual bedtime song for Ella and within minutes, she was fast asleep.

My mum says that in the morning, when she woke, she popped straight up in bed and said, Morning Good! I didn't snore!

Now it's been almost a week since this big night, and I'm glad to be looking back over this post to finish it a week later because it reminds me of the fun she had not so long ago. It's been a somewhat hard week for Ella. And me. If I could, I'd wrap her up in my arms and keep her there so no one could be mean to her or hurt her feelings.



Unknown said...

You're a wonderful mum Norbyah. You truely are. The children are the luckiest kids in the world to have you as their mum. This entry might only be about Ella's sleepover at Nining's but it really touched my heart. I wish I was like you.

Norbyah said...

Thanks Darfia. You're too kind. I'm just trudging through like the rest of us, trying my best. Take care.

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