Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I know I've said this before, and I am guilty of needing reminders at times, too. My husband is great. He is my true soulmate. A perfect match for me. When I made this my facebook status a few weeks ago, he asked me, what did I do now?

There wasn't anything special. He was just being himself. Funny, a little bit grumpy, but totally getting me. And, he hadn't pissed me off in a while. So, I'll document it here, I'm a lucky woman. And those close to us recognize how wonderful he is, too.

So, I was really touched when I was cc'ed on this email from a counselor at school to Joey (and others) thanking them for talking to her 12th grade transitions class.

Joe, you were the most familiar face. We gleaned that you have helped more than a few kids ---listening when they were muddled or just plain not motivated. Eyes were opened wide with tales of your high school....and that you are so honoring when you talk of Norbyah. Teenagers do not often hear a man talking of his wife...with care, respect, love. Thank you.

I'm definitely keeping him.


emily said...

yes, you are!!

(but, if you change your mind... you can send him to us. just don't tell him that i said i want him. i don't want it to go to his head.)


CheleTales said...

What a sweet note, and what a lucky wife you are. :)

Putri said...

first class hubs!!1

love you


Anonymous said...

I always tell people that if I could find a man with half the heart my brother has I would consider myself lucky. - Mich :)

gilly said...

Joey, If ever we meet...MAN you have huge expectations to meet!!

Norbyah said...

i know, i've made him out to be quite an act to follow...but, really, it's all well deserved...most days, anyhow.

Jason said...

I just read the last few posts. They made me miss you guys so much. I'd forgotten how good and hilarious and fun it is to be around a young loving family. Sleepovers, loose teeth, skateboards, soulmates. Really beautiful, Norbyah.

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