Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cally and me

Joey got behind the camera the other day to snap these pictures. Cally is such a playful little thing these days.

Would you look at that face? She does this sideways squinty nose thing while sniffing.

I just love it.


emily said...

i just love that crooked little face, too. almost as much as i love seeing pictures of you with my God baby!

Putri said...

i can't believe how big this little fishy fish is!! she's sooo sweet. and growing so fast.

i love you.

gilly said...

she's just yummy! Hello munchkin! x

janiece said...

I love those facial expressions! What a cutie. You know what she is "saying" without a single word.
I think I had that exact same high chair with my daughter and I loved it.

Becca said...

Nice to see you in the pictures!
Cute pictures. She has grown so much.

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