Sunday, December 20, 2009

This morning. . .

. . . the kids set the table. All. By. Themselves.

This is certainly a chore they can do. And they do help set the table every weekend. We have their cups, place mats and plastic bowls in a down low cupboard so they can do just this.

This morning, a Sunday pancake morning, the kids were up at the crack of dawn and ready to eat. They crept into our room to ask if they could play for a bit quietly so that we could have a little lie in. After a short while, they asked if they could both go downstairs to set the table.

Why not? we thought sleepily, for five more minutes in bed. Then I started to hear the opening and shutting of the cupboard and drawers and the placing of items on the table. All the sounds I expected to hear.

When I started to hear the clinking of glass bowls and glasses, I lifted my head in bed to make sure it was the sound I thought it was. Then I asked Joey (as I was still attached to Cally) if he could check on them. He didn't stir. So I reiterated, you mean you're not concerned that they're climbing up to get the glass bowls?

To this, he gave me a typical Joey response: No, Norbyah. When I asked why, he replied, one, it's already done. And two, they're just bowls. I love the perspective Joey gives me somedays. How right. And when they came up, all proud, to tell us what they'd done, we had to get up to see for ourselves. They'd remembered every detail. The cereal (also up high), the bib, and even Cally's sweet potato puffs. Gorgeous.

I did have to ask how they did it. Buddy said, I just used the stool.

Of course! Silly me.


brummygem said...

so sweet! and i love their happy proud little faces in the photo :-)

emily said...

oh, i love that man for the perspective he gives me, too.

they are just bowls. easy to forget sometimes, right?

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