Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh, Christmas tree.

Little Cally's first.

In a new house this Christmas, some traditions (like the Christmas tree run) changed, while others (like the Santa dolls by the window) stayed the same. Most notably, this year we didn't pull our tree home on the golf cart, which makes me a little sad. I had grown fond of that Christmas tradition.

This year, Joey, my mum and I spotted our tree as we were walking through the market one afternoon. It was the same stall by the big tree roots where we always get our tree. The fragrant scent of the pine needles called to us and we wandered over and spotted the perfect tree. Knowing that trees don't come in endless supply here in Hong Kong, we decided to pay for it and arrange delivery the same evening. This was not an eventful excursion to the market, but the knock on the door and the arrival of the tree was exciting nonetheless.

We pulled the decorations out of storage and rummaged through them, remembering as we do each year, all our favorite parts of this special season.

Ella is really at the perfect age for Christmas. Last year it started, this year she remembers last year and is VERY excited.

Cally is also enjoying the Christmas season. There are lots more things for her to get into. Our little soft Christmas toys on the coffee table, as well as the nativity finger puppets. And my favorite, this Little People Nativity set. It's hands-on and indestructible. Perfect for tiny hands. It is surviving the banging and chewing better than our old ceramic Walgreens one did. Within minutes of opening that one years ago, Buddy had broken off both the donkey's ears. This one is far more kid friendly.

Buddy and Joey helped lay out the decorations on the kitchen table to get them ready for the tree. He found some that he has made over the years.

We each picked one to start with. Joey always starts with a gorgeous wooden Santa. Ella was oh so delicate with her decorating hands. She had been asking for days when we were going to put on the dringles.

I like this cloissone blue tea pot.

Cally mostly sat and watched, or found little crinkly things to scrunch. She has since discovered the tree and crawls over to it with great speed to swat at the knitted decorations along the bottom.

Buddy put on his shiny red fire truck.

And when we finished, Joey topped it off with the star. This has always been his job.

I think the kids are really getting the hang of decorating the tree this year. It was a far less frenzied and stressful activity this go round. And, aesthetically speaking, it's gorgeous. I think they'll be in a good place to teach their baby sister these things in the coming years.

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emily said...

wonderful. ella looks SO MUCH like buddy in that first photo. and your sweater is GORGEOUS. just like you, my very beautiful friend.


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