Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas sights

I hope that your day was filled with good fun, good company and good food. While we didn't have my sisters, Jared or my parents with us this year, we were blessed to have Eva's family with us. Seeing them all together, enjoying each other's company, made it a memorable day for us. I love how her sisters and Jojo make themselves a part of our family and they are such a lovely family. When Joey was cooking our delicious dinner, he forgot to take into consideration the fact that my sisters and mum wouldn't be there to help him. Luckily for him, Eva and Jojo and her sisters Mae and Margie swooped right in and gave us a hand. With the kids. With the food. With the dishes.

Each of them arrived at our house with gifts for our children. It was really touching, especially when I consider that they don't have much. When I went up to my mum and dad's house (where they are staying these two weeks), I saw the few presents under their tree, and Joey and I agreed - we wished our tree looked more like theirs. A reminder that it is all about family, and time spent together. I even met two of Jojo's cousins. They are all so gracious, and give so much of themselves for us. Eva and Jojo have become such an important part of our family.

Buddy and Ella happily helped Joey in the kitchen.

Ella is the resident pabaloda expert, so she lent her expertise to Joey for his first attempt at this delicious Australian dessert. It was a raging success.

This year proves, without a doubt, what a wonderful hubby I have. He got me a new Canon digital SLR camera. I suck.

Despite missing the rest of our family, we had many cuddles.

And on Christmas morning, Buddy read the letter from Santa himself. He'd written a wonderful letter (complete with a drawing of Santa surfing). He is such a sweet boy. His Santa letters have never been lists of what he is asking for. I think he was most excited about the missing cookies and milk.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Putri said...

I missed you guys so much on Christmas, but I'm so happy to see what a special day you guys had. Those photos are so great, I especially love the photo of Michael peeling the carrot and of the pabaloda team. I'm so glad we could skype you and be part of your morning and you ours. I love you so much!

Shan said...

Looks like a great job done with the pav - yummo! Merry Christmas to all your family - both in Hong Kong and America. xo

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