Friday, December 11, 2009


I was on myDragonNet at school and I came across this video, just uploaded. It's Buddy reading a story he wrote about seeds. They've been working on writing details in their stories. He's changing so much this year. He's a reader. He's a writer. I love how he's so in tuned to his surroundings. He notices words and wants to read them. You can see by the look on his face that he's full of questions and is curious. I just love it.

Published Pieces - from DragonMedia

He has great ideas for stories and we have a shelf full of his publications at home. They are treasured, as all our books are, and are often pulled out to be included in the bedtime story selection. I got a great compliment from a parent last week, who told me she'd been into volunteer with Buddy's class for writing workshop. She said Buddy was so good at coming up with ideas, writing them and planning stories. She told me to encourage it at home, to which I responded that we had a shelf of his books. No wonder, she said.


brummygem said...

so awesome! and i love how happy he looks! x

Putri said...

i'm so proud of him it makes me cry! he's so beautiful and such a good reader and so imaginative....i love to hear how he thinks. he is such a special person.

emily said...

wait. how did i miss this?!
loving it.

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