Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's Movember. Somewhere, in a pub in Fitzroy, Melbourne, someone hatched up this idea to raise awareness for men's health. Not sure Joey would have given it a second thought except that our good friends the Gammons live in Fitzroy, and Joey has spent at least a few nights at some pubs there.

What is Movember, you ask? Well, what you do - if you are a man - is grow your facial hair and shave it into a moustache of your chosing. Then you keep it this way for the month of November. You can raise money on the official Movember website, or you can just track your mo-gress in pictures.

Joey's joined this movement. He's going with the Zorro moustache. After my initial reaction of laughter, I've grown quite fond of his mo.


Laura Z said...

what is the deal with november and facial hair?! i seriously don't understand it... there must be a conspiracy or something.

ben's doing a "no-shave november" with some friends due to a FB group and another friend is doing this "whiskerino" thing (google it) where none of these guys shave from november till march and document it in photos. weird?!?!

Norbyah said...

it's "Movember" - check the link on my blog. there's lots of groups. men everywhere are unshaven.

Shan said...

Looking good Joey, looking good. Norbyah: what's it like to kiss him? xo

emily said...

eeeeew. kissing joey?? ;)

i have to be honest, i laughed, too. i need a close up.


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