Friday, November 6, 2009

Caution: Graphic content and pictures. Don't read if breastfeeding stories embarrass you....

I'm not shy. I used to be. Incredibly so. In high school, my cheeks flushed at the mere thought of having to speak in class.

Somehow, as an adult, I've outgrown this. I think it has to do with the fact that, as a mother, nothing is sacred. There is no such thing as privacy. I learned this quickly when I was in hospital after having Michael and there were probably three people at any one time touching me in places like my boobs, or looking at my vagina and pushing on my abdomen. Hard.

So, beware readers. I'm about to write a post about my boobs.

You see - the thing is, lately, Cally seems to think she's an acrobat. If she's laying with her tummy up while I cradle and nurse her, she stretches her leg straight out while holding onto her foot. Then, she'll bend it backwards like she's stretching her hamstring. It's hilarious. I've tried to capture this with my camera, but she's too quick.

But there's more. These days, feeding Cally (and changing her nappies) is similar to what I would imagine it would be like to wrestle a baby pig.

She turns right over on her tummy so that she's facing me. Often, she'll look right at me.

Then she starts standing. She likes to stand. Everywhere. At her activity table. At the coffee table. Holding a chair. Usually bouncing follows. Her little legs look like a frog hopping.

And, I really do find all this quite humorous. Except. She insists on doing this with my boob still in her mouth. So, I guess we're both acrobats.

***I do realize the pictures don't hide much, and I even half debated not adding them. But, as I said, I'm not shy. Total strangers in Hong Kong have seen my boobs (at the coffee shop or in buses or taxis). Most of you readers know me. And really, you just have to see this for yourself.


emily said...

love. this. post. one of my favorites, evah. :)
you're going to miss it. you know you are.

love you.

Norbyah said...

i know. i do think about how my days of breastfeeding are numbered. it makes me sad. it's such a special time for me. nipple stretching and all.

gilly said...

I've just spent at least a minute with my jaw stretched wide and my hand on face...staring at your last photo. ouch! are there teeth involved. oh god!

Shan said...

I laughed so hard and for so long at your last photograph. Sorry - all at your expense. Couldn't have taken a better shot. xo

Norbyah said...

yes. believe me, my mum caught that last photo at just the right time. it is not posed. very real. and painful. xo

brummygem said...

that last picture is worth at least a million words! ouch. x

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