Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to regularly scheduled posts...

Now that all of you have had a look and a chuckle at my boobs and Cally, it's time to move on. And, really, I'm glad you enjoyed it. She's a riot. There's no nursing that girl discreetly in public.

So, how about some cute Halloween pictures?

This year's costumes: Buddy - a scary vampire, complete with blood, teeth and bats. Ella - a mermaid with sparkly jewels. She's been really into The Little Mermaid. And Cally - a sweet little garden fairy.

Didi and Lolly paired up with Buddy and Ella as usual. The "bigs" and the "smalls."

Cally enjoyed her first Halloween - for the most part spent safe in Mummy's arms.

Grown ups dressed up too. Gilbert has a great knife through the head bit. And Nining bought a funny witch nose. It kept dipping into her wine, her cake, and other things. Much to the kids' amusement. And hers.

Joey wore his 'fro.

We spent Halloween trick-or-treating in our old neighbourhood. Stanley Mound Road is where it's at for action. Our new neighbourhood got none. Not even one knock. We strolled up and down our old street with our dear friends the Halcrows. It's become a tradition. We added to it this year by carving pumpkins on our rooftop the weekend before.

I have taken this picture of the four kids - standing here - for the last three years.

Trick or treating at Stanley Court (at the top of the street) cannot be beat. All the doors are decorated and there are kids in costume everywhere. It sometimes feels a bit like mardi gras or a carnival of sorts.

After trick or treating, we returned to the Halcrow home to look at the spoils of our night.

And then we stayed for some spaghetti bolognaise. It was great food. Great wine. Great company.

I love this family.


emily said...

my favorite shot of joey EVER!!

Laura Z said...

love the first one of michael. and the one of joey's "costume." they make me laugh.

the last photo on the last post, however, does not make me laugh. i hope you recovered alright. :(

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