Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's your nick-nack name?

I've got to get these down before I forget. You know, those funny things the kids say.

I look at my three and I see Buddy stretching out, looking more and more like he really will be seven in five short weeks.

Then I watch Cally whiz by me to get over to the table to stand. Now she's enjoying dancing while she stands. She hasn't quite figured out how to get back down. Yet.

All the while, Ella keeps changing too. Sometimes I don't notice it because the other two are making such big strides, but I then I take a second look and I notice she has too. Mostly, it's in the little things, which are actually big things. She's starting to write her name. If you write out the letters for her, she'll do it.

Then there's her drawings. I remember this stage with Buddy too. All of a sudden, the scribbles she draws begin to look like what she says they are. She's really into faces. We've gone through an evolution of sorts. First, they were just round with eyes and a smile. Then we moved into noses. And, she's always been anatomically correct - the noses have nostrils. She isn't making us all pigs, she's just noticed our nostrils. Then one day, as we drew together, she noticed the eyelashes I drew. Since then, all her faces have these gorgeous long eyelashes. In the last week, I've noticed her starting to add stick bodies to her faces.

The funniest thing I became aware of were her self portraits. She's been doing this for ages, but I only just noticed last week that when she draws herself, she adds the sprinkle she has on her forehead. In reality, it's just tiny, but it's a feature on her face that she must be quite proud of because in her drawings it's quite pronounced.

Okay, so back to the title of this post. What's your nick-nack name? all stemmed from a conversation she had with Sid earlier this week. He came for a two day visit, which was a most anticipated event for Buddy and Ella. They love Sid & Judo and the stories of Tootai and Murphy in Pochon. Getting dressed for Sid's arrival was quite a big deal. On our first evening, we had dinner at Rolf's. The second night, we had drinks on our rooftop (even kiddie drinks). Ella had a long conversation with Sid about nick-nack names. It was cute. Ella's nick-nack name has always been Belly.

Here are a few other cute ones:

On our way to the wet market a two weekends ago, Joey suggested we wear closed-in shoes to protect our feet from stinky fish water. Ella went running over to the shoe closet to ask which ones were her din shoes.

Her r's are still said like w's. So Rolf's is actually Wolf's and my uncle Roger was Woger. But one day she came into the kitchen and shouted waar! So I sang that song to her, until I realized she actually came into scare me with a roar...

I just want to eat her up.

The pictures from this post come from our first few days of fall break. We carved pumpkins with the Halcrows (their first ever), we went to Hong Kong Park and Wanchai Market and this morning, Ella sat near our hydrangeas.


brummygem said...

lovely post and pictures! hope you have a fun halloween! x

Laura Z said...

where DOES the time go? i remember the days you looked so cute when pregnant with ella. i always thought to myself, i hope i look that cute when i'm pregnant. (:

and goodness, michael looks JUST like daddy. don't you think?

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