Friday, October 2, 2009


Our littlest girl keeps changing. Daily. She still rolls around the floor. But now she's crawling. For the most part, it's on her tummy. She's developed these little calluses on the balls of her feet. But she also gets up on hands and knees. Swaying like she just wants to take off. It won't be long.

Last weekend, she figured out how to pull herself up to a sitting position. Now, when I turn around, not only is she in a different place...but she's in a different position! She often likes to crawl over to her bumbo seat or to a dining room chair and pull herself up. She busies herself with putting things into and taking things out of the bumbo. Then last night, she decided she'd push the bumbo seat (and it's contents) from our living room all the way to her high chair.

And this smile? Have you ever seen someone more pleased with herself? She babbles and gargles and coos. She's quite the presence in our house. The other two just marvel at all she can do. They celebrate her every move. Daddy, Mummy, Yaya, Jojo...come quickly! Look at Cally!

This weekend, she'll be baptised by our friend Mark, who also presided over Naem and Jared's wedding. We'll have her baptised in our home, right here where she's sitting. Her godparents, Emily and Dave, will join us - virtually, on skype - and be with us in spirit. I can't wait.


Putri said...

what a beauty!!! i'll be thinking of you guys this weekend. how lovely that mark will be baptizing her and that emily and dave can watch!! she's such a bright little thing.

love you!

emily said...

just reading this as i wait for your call! she is so beautiful. every time i see a photo of her, i find myself thinking, "she looks just like ella!" OR "just like buddy!" depending on the day/picture/expression/pose. today it's ella.
what a precious girl.
i love you, cally!

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