Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet, bumpy Ella

She's so accident prone and clumsy. She trips on her own feet. Or mine. Or the stairs. On the rug. Or whatever tiny obstacle there might be. If you can anticipate a fall, an accident, something breaking, it's usually happening to her.

I get frustrated with her at times. She takes things apart, gets into other people's things, moves stuff. Rearranges. There are days I can't keep up with her. But, it's because she likes things a certain way, her special way. She's curious. She's considerate. When she's making messes, really she's putting things out for us to see. On display. It's difficult to explain. It drives me crazy and warms my heart at the same time.

So we should have known, when she dropped the present we bought for Didi, that it would have happened. On our outing to the Flower Market today, Buddy picked this ceramic egg filled with a seed and dirt for Didi's birthday on Saturday. He went off for a sleepover at Nining's. As we were getting Ella ready for bed, she reached for this egg. I was in putting Cally to sleep, but I heard it all. The crash on the floor almost immediately after Ella asked, What's this Daddy? And Joey's, well, it was Didi's present.

Joey said she immediately bent down to scoop up the dirt and mess, and I came in and scooped her up to tell her it was alright, and it was an accident. Then the tears came, followed by her sad high pitched sobbing. We were not cross. We reminded her that she must ask before she touches something that belongs to someone else (as we always do). And we consoled her when she said it had given her a fright. But I know, too, that she was upset because she'd broken something. She works so hard at being a good girl.

Later, after she'd fallen asleep, Joey and I both said how sorry we felt for her. So clumsy, that one.

And so sweet.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ella....I can totally see her trying to scoop up the soil and the broken bits of egg. =( So sweet that one. As frustrating as it might be at times, I do love her strong, independent mind. Such sweet pics! xn

Unknown said...

She's my goddaughter in more ways than one. Like Joey always says when we are together "Was that one of the kids or Michelle." Lol!

Anonymous said...

oh, ella.

she's also built a lot like i was when i was a wee one. a bit like a bull in a china cabinet.

but tender and caring all at once.

love her.
xoxo em

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