Monday, October 12, 2009

Making a move

At a mere eight months of age, my littlest one is already doing this...

(I know the photo is blurry, but you have to be quick to catch her these days).

She's pulling herself up to stand. On the bumbo. At the coffee table. On the dining room chairs. Wherever she can.

Forget that she basically just started crawling. She's wasting no time at all. She's a climber.

Those little feet work so hard. Scrambling.

We've had to put the side up in her cot.

She always has a very pleased look on her face when she steps up to the coffee table. Sometimes the rug tangles her up, but most times she's up and ready for action. The other two are quickly learning that the coffee table is no longer a safe place for their things. We adults are having to remember, too.

She's taken a tumble or two. But, she's determined.

(Do you see that look? The one that says, there's something right over there I'd like to get my hands on?) It's a whole new world to discover up here.

And, I swear that my other two were not pulling themselves up to stand at this young an age. I can't turn my back for a second because, while she has the confidence to pull herself up, she doesn't yet have the balance.

I've got to get some of this on video.


Anonymous said...

oh...just LOVE the pictures! what a little monkey!!!! so cute! oh how i wish i could snuggle her! xn

gilly said...

Brilliant! and exhausting for you! Fraser has just mastered the commando crawl on the belly. He's so different to Cushla though and I know the more mobile he gets the more trouble we're all in for! xx

Putri said...

oh my god, these photos are too funny! she's such a little guppy ham! love you so much

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