Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lantern night

It was a busy day for Cally. Baptism in the morning. Lantern Festival at night. Her first.

This year, Mark and Cathi joined us.
Can you believe in all their years in Hong Kong they never went to the beach for lanterns?

I suppose it is a kid thing. But we always have wine and beer. And pizza. I think they enjoyed themselves. In past years, Jason would meet us and let Ella adorn him with glow sticks. Can you vaguely make out the full moon behind Joey's head?

We were joined by our usual lantern night companions, the Halcrows. This year, the night was much cooler and far more pleasant for standing around on the beach.

Dear Lolly.

Silly faces with Didi.

Glow stick pendants were a hit.

Lots of smiles with Cally. And, it was lovely to see Belinda.
Sometimes Stanley feels so far away.

Then the sun set and we decided we'd head for home. It gets a bit crazy when you can't actually see your kids and there are so many people about.

After we'd tucked kids in bed, we continued our lantern night up on our roof top. I think, now that the weather is cooler, the rooftop will be a good place to be.


Putri said...

oh what fun! looks like you all had such a lovely time. i love lantern festival!! miss you so much. love you!

emily said...

oh, i HAVE to have a lantern festival with you in hong kong. it looks wonderful.
i love you!
xoxo em

Anonymous said...

oh how lovely! i still think it's such a wonderful treat that those kiddos get to experience lantern festival! i still remember how much i loved my silly fish! love all the pics....can't believe how much didi and lolly have grown! xn

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