Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm still here.

I promise. There is so much that I have to blog about here.

Buddy's conference. His reading. His writing. All of him.

And Cally. We can hardly keep up with her. She's crawling now with significant speed. Pulling herself up to the coffee table. Waving bye bye.

And then Ella. Though most days, we're at odds with each other. She's still my dear, sweet Ella. I love the sound of her squeaky feet on our floor. I know when she's coming. Thank goodness.

Then there's Joey. I'm so proud of him. And upset that he's having a hard time. I wish everyone saw in him what I see, and what I know that most of you see. And on Friday, he'll be 36.

Me? I'm slogging through it. Next week we have a half term break.

I'm going to catch up, I know it.

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