Thursday, October 22, 2009


You know those nights? The ones where your body is telling you you're exhausted, but your mind won't let you rest? I had one last night.

Cally had finally had a more restful night than the last two - Monday night I was up with her 5 times. Tuesday night I lost count. Last night, she was only up twice. Ella got up, scared, so I snuggled with her for a bit. My body was begging me to go back to sleep. But my mind raced.

And while I lay next to my dear husband, I could hear his heavy breathing. I hoped that he was getting some much needed rest. I tried not to disturb him with my restlessness and worry for him. I know he's unhappy, and now others around him are noticing too. What eats at him has now gotten to be so burdensome that his usual smile has disappeared.

I am thankful for our break next week, for all of us, but mostly for him.

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