Friday, October 23, 2009


And to think, I met him when he was 20. Now here he is sixteen years and three kids later.

A birthday snuggle for family movie night.

They had a little birthday party for Joey at work. Rishi recorded it on his new nano. Since it was a half day today, he was able to have all the family who are in HK with him too.

How lucky.


Anonymous said...

Wow. 16 years! And to think that I met him when he was..hmm...22? Is that right? I still remember him driving us around Carbondale in his sled. You in your bikini top because you'd get so sweaty (or at least on the long trips to Oglesby)...and him singing Down Together or some other Refreshments song with the windows rolled down. Man...those were the days he used to have Nutterbutters in the fridge too! Sigh. How time flies. I just love the pics of him with his kiddos. Very special. Hope he had a wonderful birthday! Wish we could have celebrated with you guys! xn

emily said...

i felt like i was there! tell joey i sang along.

xoxo from the samsons.

Shan said...

Happy Birthday Joe! Hope you had a lovely day and even better break from work this coming week. xo

gilly said...

Happy Birthday to you! x

brummygem said...

happy birthday joe! x

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