Saturday, September 12, 2009


We noticed some beautiful white birds on the tree in the boy scout camp. We watched them during breakfast from our dining room table out the back window. Ella said they were bee-oo-dee-ful.

Ella had her friend Kaiya's birthday party. The rainy weather meant that we had to relocate to the MS gym. She caught up with all her preschool and baby group friends from Stanley. I was hoping to spend a nice morning off campus, but hey, if I can't make it to Stanley, they can all come to me.

(Here she is with her friend Izzy)

After baby ballet, we wandered through the market and picked up a few art supplies and some water squirters at the everything shop. The afternoon was perfect for some splash time up on our roof.

And, we noticed that JoJo's pepper plants are starting to flower.

It was not a bad day, all in all.


Putri said...

oh, i love all of those pictures!!! i get to see more of the house, and the roof, it just looks so perfect for the kids. i can't wait to come see it myself and play! miss you so much.

emily said...

i'm with p. any glimpse i can get at the inside (and out) of where you are makes my day. i hate not being able to picture your place in my mind.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the look on Michael's face. =) And I love that we all get to see a bit more of your house! I can't believe you have so much space on the roof...Jojo practically has a whole greenhouse up there! Lovely photos....for some reason seeing Ella run around in her red suit with Cally plopped in the pool, I realize just how big Ella is getting. HOw time flies.....xn

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