Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i'm pretty sure.

i've been watching cally over the last few days. is she? isn't she? she rolls all over the place. in fact, if she never crawled, it would be of no consequence because she'd just roll there.

sometimes she rolls under things like the coffee table or the spare bed in the big kids' room.

on sunday, i thought i saw her use her feet to scoot forward. yet, when i drew attention to it, she wouldn't do it again. i thought she did it again on monday. still joey didn't see.

then yesterday. there was absolutely NO doubt. she did it. joey saw.

i captured some of her early attempts on sunday and ended up not getting any crawling on video. only her doing the airplane - kicking her arms and legs in a frenzy while appearing to float on the ground. though it's not crawling footage, it's cute to watch nonetheless.

she's also growing increasingly yowd as ella would say.



emily said...

can't wait for that video!
love that little dress!!!

gilly said...

I can't believe they are on the move already! Fraser isn't quite crawling yet either but he's a roly poly little thing and can make it to the other side of the room in seconds...especially when i'm not looking! monkey.

Anonymous said...

love it! what a sweet video. =)xn

Putri said...

She IS a little guppy!!

love you

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