Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part 2: Melbourne

As I look through pictures from Melbourne, I realize there are far too many for just one post. Here are just some of my favorites - both because of the moments they remind me of as well as the pictures themselves.

Melbourne has always been a favorite place for me. I think because no matter how much Malaysia changed, or my life changed, things there have always remained familiar. The faces grow and change, as mine has, but the places stay mostly intact. Many of my childhood memories are housed here.

So, in no particular order, here are some of those faces.

Koo, the baby whisperer, who I discovered on this trip loves crafty things like I do. She has her own craft blog and took my sisters and I op shopping at some of the places where she finds great deals. I felt like we connected in a new way on this trip. Her three gorgeous kids have all grown so much since my last visit.

Nearly every time she held Cally, she fell right into a cozy sleep.

The kids made fairy bread for a birthday celebration among cousins. Fairy bread - or hundreds and thousands or chocolate sprinkles on bread and butter - was always a birthday staple for me as a child.

Big Cally's chook pen.

Big and little Cally.

Sylvia (who gave Buddy his nickname) read to Buddy. He requested books for her to read to him. So sweet. I think he feels she is quite special. And she is. I think he wanted to be her boyfriend. Oh, so cute.

I love that I have this same picture of Buddy and Sylvia from 5 years ago watching the Wiggles. This time it was Mardi and Ella watching In the Night Garden.

Soph and I were just at the beginning of parenthood the last time we saw each other. Here we are with our youngest two.

Sophie and Cally. I love this one. Despite what Soph says about not being photogenic, I think she's gorgeous. I love watching her be a mother.

What fun these two had reconnecting. It was like no time had transpired. They were only 18 months old on our last trip.

I'll add more photos in the next post.


emily said...

thank you for posting these pictures. and these words. a perfect look at a sacred space in your heart, which means so much to me. i love having faces for all of these names i have heard so many times...

Shan said...

I LOVE Melbourne too! Ah ... the coffee. I think you need a blog on that too! So glad we had the opportunity to catch up and see you all. xo

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