Monday, August 31, 2009



i've been following the swine flu closely on the news since the story first broke in mexico.  i've watched as we've taken the necessary (as deemed by the government) health precautions.  temperature checks at the gate, like we did when bird flu was the worry.  and, as always, we diligently wash our hands.  lots.

and, i admit to being just a bit neurotic and anxious about the whole thing.  i mean, yes.  it's just a different strain of the flu, but i've got three little ones.  one very little one.  and when you live in hong kong, where SARS was a very real threat and the schools shut and went virtual for a whole month, people take things pretty seriously here.

health declarations to be signed at airports, face masks (these are a regular sight here, not just because of swine flu), health notices in apartment buildings reminding us of symptoms, keypads and lift buttons covered in plastic and sanitized every two hours.  the list goes on.

i suppose living in this environment can only feed into my neurosis.  but the illness keeps getting closer.  last thursday, our middle school shut down after recording over a hundred students out sick.  this weekend, buddy spent two days with a fever.  several others in our neighbourhood were also sick.  

all the while, joey and i knew that buddy simply had the fever virus that was going around.  but then our next door neighbour (also the LP principal) said to get buddy tested for swine flu.  and i had a momentary lapse of calm.  and i panicked.  a bit.  luckily, joey talked me down.  buddy's fever broke last night and we kept him home today as a precaution.

tonight, the school announced that the lower and upper primary schools will be shut for a week.  the next few days should be interesting.  

and, believe me, we're continuing to wash hands with great diligence in our house.


Anonymous said...

oh...poor sweet buddy. have been thinking of him. i can just tell from the photo that he's not feeling well. i do hope his SF test comes back negative! give him a hug for me! xn

emily said...

i haven't even gotten to go through all of the fantastic photos and comments below, but i will... i just wanted to comment, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES! we love you, with or (hopefully) without the swine flu.


Norbyah said...

buddy is still fine. we actually didn't have him tested, but we're making sure he stays relaxed and recoops so he doesn't have a rebound illness. his friend zack landed in hospital yesterday. we're also being very careful with the other two.

Norbyah said...

oh, and that is an old photo...we've been keeping him away from the girls a bit.

Putri said...

loves you so much, have been really missing you and feeling like i haven't been in touch in ages. mum said that buddy is feeling better which makes me relieved, but am so worried about you!!! love you so so so much.

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