Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First grade

Last night, as I got Buddy's bag ready for his first day of school, I found his R2 progress report.  It had been sitting in his book bag all summer, lost in the frenzy of end of school year madness and moving chaos.  I paused to read it and smiled.  What Ms. Legaspi wrote affirmed what I already know about Michael and reminded me - after this summer of challenging behaviors - just how special he is.

So I'll share her comments with you, along with some pictures taken this morning of the bus routine in our new neighbourhood.  Since Joey and I are simply down the stairs from work and Buddy's bus leaves a little earlier, I can now be a part of this morning routine.  


We have appreciated Michael's cheerful and creative ways in class.  Busy hands and an imaginative mind make a good balance for him as he is constantly creating things with paper.  He delights in sharing his wonderful ideas with peers as he often starts trends in airplane/helicopter making, 3-D projects, and drawing ideas.  His concentration and perseverance in completing tasks has grown.  His confidence in sharing his work in front of the class and participating relevantly has increased as well...He shows his appreciation and understanding of stories read in class by regularly making books/drawings related to the story.  His writing samples reflect growing confidence in putting his ideas on paper.  He writes strings of letters, indicating man of the sounds he hears in words...I wish Michael happy times in Grade One!

So do I.


Anonymous said...

oh my! so sweet! love that you can put m on the bus now...very special. love the pic of e too. the look on her face...priceless! xn

Norbyah said...

poor girl. today, she missed buddy hopping on the bus and ran to get a hug from him, but he'd already boarded. she cried and cried. she loves him so much.

Anonymous said...

ohh......=( that's so sweet. i can see it in my head. poor thing....i just love those buggers SO MUCH!xn

Putri said...

i know i love those pics!! and how nice that you guys can all do it together. poor ella, missing buddy. i showed ob the photos because joey and bug both have their mer gear on. he linked it to his blog! i miss you porks...hope work/school is going okay.

Anonymous said...

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