Saturday, August 29, 2009

Even more Melbourne

Okay, so it's been a month.  I should be moving forward, settling in.  But, there are just too many photos.  And some fantastic new memories.  Just Friday morning, Ella said she missed Big Cally.  Earlier in the week, Buddy and Ella wished they could go back to Evie's house.  So here are some more of my favorite pictures and moments.  And I can't take credit for taking all these. My sisters took some too.

The official little and big Cally photo.

Catching up with Shan on my last day in Melbourne.

And her sweet daughter Amaya.  A big girl now.

We went for a day out in the city and walked along Southbank and up to the Aquarium.  

It was just perfect.  Blue skies, the sun and a mild 19 degrees.  Unheard of for a Melbourne winter day.

Little Evie (Ev-ah-lyn as Ella called her).  She bounced - quite literally - back and forth between Ella and Buddy.  A perfect playmate for both of them.

The boomerang balls Buddy and Sylvia got at the Vic market were so popular, they wouldn't take them off.  Not even to eat dinner.

A pensive moment caught on film by Emmy.

And another one.

I love this one of Poo the person (her newest nickname coined by little Evie).

Classic Jared, deep in thought.

Cally's introduction to rusks.  Did you know they are packaged for Heinz just around the corner from Big Cally's house in Camberwell?

Ah, Cafe Vamp.  I loved this place.  Great brekky.  Divine cappuccinos.  

The brothers, reunited.

In the kitchen at Uncle Tony's.

And the dining room.  A more quiet place considering everyone congregated in the kitchen.

Uncle Tony's cooking school attached to his house.  We ate here.

Cold, early mornings with warm Milo and snuggles.

Cally with the three headed monster.

Another coffee shop - Coffee Maxx.

On Naem and Jared's anniversary, Joey celebrated his own anniverary of being Jared's brother-in-law.  They are a great pair.

More silliness.

Dress ups at Big Cally's house include some vintage clothing from her honeymoon and such.  But Ella's favorite was this old dress of Sophie's.


Diane said...

Thanks for posting these GREAT pics taken by 3-headedMonster!
Love, Diane

brummygem said...

oh norbyah it looks like you all had such a wonderful time together in oz!! some really lovely photos (i especially love the one of ella and your dad). hope you are getting used to your new place in HK. here summer is winding down and i am trying to figure out where most of the year has gone already! xx

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