Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winding down

Our holiday is nearing an end. My sisters and Jared have left and it feels sad and lonely without them here. We're still enjoying Melbourne - quiet nights in front of the fire, time with friends and good cappuccinos.

But, I feel like it's time we got home. I have this unsettled feeling. I know the kids are eager - as I am - to return to our routine at home. But I know our routine, as we knew it, no longer exists. They don't realize this, but I do. They've been quite confused, especially Ella. Somehow she knows we've moved house - we'd been preparing her to leave our home behind - but she doesn't know where our new home is. I guess I don't either. At each place we've visited, she's asked is this our new house, Mama?

I mean, physically, we all know our new apartment. We made several visits while they renovated the apartment that was soon to become our new home. Only Joey got to see our new apartment with our things in it. And even he admits that it felt strange looking at our things in a new place.

When I shut my eyes and think of home, I see my bed in its old room. I see my mum shuffling up the stairs to the common area of our old apartment. I see our neighbour girls playing on scooters or calling across to Buddy and Ella from their living room. I see Mr. Ching. But I know that these things now only exist in my memory.

A figment of my imagination.

Our homecoming in four short days will be much more of a homemaking. A new chapter. And so, I look forward to what lies ahead.

But don't worry. I will put in a few pics of the holiday.


emily said...

can't wait for photos of your holiday AND your new home. i know that it won't take long for it to become yours... because i know that wherever your family is, your heart is. the rest will follow.

Norbyah said...

thanks em. you always know just the right thing to say. miss you. xoxo

Shan said...

I was listening to 'Life Matters' (ABC Radio) the other day and the subject of discussion was 'home'. Most people felt that you could move 20 houses in a lifetime and wherever you and your family physically were, that house became 'home'. As you know we too are moving and I have been thinking about this concept. xo

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