Thursday, July 30, 2009

A holiday in pictures: Part 1

It had been 5 years since our last trip to Australia. We had new family members and friends to meet - and we had our own additions to introduce as well. And of course, it was Cally's introduction to my sisters and Jared.

Here they are on the day they arrived.

It was a wild rumpus!

I can't even begin to tell everything, so I'll choose some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Brisbane (and Stradbroke Island) and Melbourne.

On the beach in Stradbroke Island.

Flying a kite.

Looking out into the ocean for whales and dolphins.

An updated picture of the cousins in the same pose as always.


And, of course, quintessential Buddy and Uncle Jared time.


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Anonymous said...

oh how lovely.....still have the finger puppets? we'll have to resurrect those little monsters the next time we get together. missing our morning you.xn

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