Thursday, July 9, 2009

Down under

We're on holiday.  Joey stayed back in Hong Kong to move us into our new home while the kids and I left on the 1st of July to start our "summer" holiday.  It's winter here.  

We've just arrived in Melbourne and hooked up with Joey.  We spent last week up in Brisbane.  In Stradbroke Island watching whales and dolphins.  It's been a lovely holiday so far.  Naem, Poo and Jared finally met Cally.  I've got lots of pictures, which I can now upload now that Joey is here with our computer.

It felt sad last week as we packed up into a van for the airport - knowing that it was the last we'd see of our old flat in Stanley.  But, as Joey has given us reports of our new place, I look forward to settling into a new routine.  

I've hardly been on the internet in the last week so I have much catching up to do.  I promise to put some pictures up when I can.

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