Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bathtime and bedtime

I'm combining a few posts into one. I've had some bath footage of Cally that I've been meaning to put up as well as some bedtime pictures. I'll do both here.

Cally used to be a bit leary of bathtime. For whatever reason, she'd end up in tears by the end of it. We resorted to bathing her every other day because it seemed like such a traumatic event for her. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped crying. Now she absolutely loves her baths. Her legs and arms flail around and she smiles and smiles. The person bathing her is usually in for a good splashing. I don't remember either Buddy or Ella getting into their baths this much.

Take a look.

And then there's bedtime. Cally is making her way into this scene too. Because of the bunk bed situation, we read stories on Ella's bed with Buddy looking down at the pictures. Now Cally lies down with us and kicks along as she listens.

I caught some pictures of this sweet scene so I'd remember it. We'll have to rearrange this yet again when we move to our new house.


emily said...

that is a sweet scene!! love the window coverings in the kids' room!

Christian Parmann said...

How familiar this is! I love it!! They look so cozy. Ella looks like a princess with that soft pillow behind her head. They just look very relaxed.

Sweet dreams.


Shan said...

I don't know how many times Amaya said, 'More baby', when we were watching Cally's bath time. Gorgeous. xo

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