Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer days are here.

That means it's hot.  And sticky.  In Hong Kong, it's really sticky.  But, if you can stand sweat dripping down your face - and other unmentionable places on your body - it's really quite lovely.  The sky is blue.  Really, really blue.  I had been told that summer in Hong Kong was good, but now I believe it.  Summer is not peak season for tourists, and all the school kids and teachers clear out.  

So, we've been hitting our beach.  A lot.  Since it's just down the street, we can go everyday.  It doesn't have to be an excursion - we can just go for an hour and come home.

I set up the 7-eleven umbrella.  The kids run down to the water, goggles and squirters in hand.

Last week, it was just me, Buddy and Ella.  Shortly after lunch, we headed out with the beach mat and the sand toys.  The scent of sunblock on my hands.  The sea air blowing by our faces.

Ella is at that age now where she is starting to gain confidence in the water.  She doesn't mind the splashing of water on her face.  Or being bobbed around in the small waves that lap the sand.  In fact, she spends most of her time here.

Buddy spends most if his time upside down in the water.  He looks for fish, shells, rocks.  He does hand stands.  He swims around and plays shark with his hands shaped like a fin sticking out of the water above his head.

It's been a fun way for the three of us to spend our time.  Sometimes I join them in the water, other times I just hang out under the umbrella on the beach mat.

Sometimes, we get ice lollies.  

Cally came with us on Sunday for her second trip to the beach.  And again, she loved it.

We all do.  Hope you are staying cool this summer, too!


emily said...

great post. great photos, especially the last!! i wish i were there, to share that great beach with you. yesterday we had a hong kong kind of hot day here, 95 and sweaty. an afternoon seaside with you would have been PERFECT. xoxo

Laura Z said...

seriously, how could you resist a popsicle when it's called an "ice lolly?" i just plain ol' couldn't.

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