Thursday, June 25, 2009

The running joke

So the kids are aware that I have this blog. And that I post to it pretty regularly. So much so, that they often ask me to take pictures of them doing something so that I can put them on my blog. They get a kick out of being featured in a post.

They were also aware that I wrote the post about the bless-you thing. Since then, that little conversation has become the running joke in our house. They repeat - verbatim - the entire interchange, starting with the sneeze. And they've added onto the end this portion:

Buddy: What's a bless-you thing?

Ella: It's when someone sneezes and they wipe their nose.

Buddy: Oh! (said in three syllables, the second higher than the first and last)

And it never varies. Sometimes they switch roles. But they know their lines. And they chuckle hysterically each time.

I'm not kidding you. I think I hear this 50 times a day.

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