Thursday, June 11, 2009


I was browsing through some of my blogs yesterday and stumbled upon this. A woman, well-known among knitters, who is touring through the US. She visited Madison. When I saw her pictures, I felt a warm sense of longing for a place I love so much. A place that has so many important memories attached - our first home, two of our children's births, great friends. One of my many homes.

I will miss seeing this place this summer, but I know that those memories are intact and those friendships aren't going anywhere. I also know that when I do see these great friends, we'll pick up like no time has transpired.

Next summer will be great. And so will this one. I look forward to three weeks spent in Australia, catching up with family and friends there. Making introductions to children born in the five year lapse since our last visit.


emily said...

what great madison photos.
and, you've got it dead on, lady.
we're not going anywhere. we will miss you like crazy this summer, and we'll bottle all of our love up and save it for next year. get ready, it's going to be big.

laura Z said...

how about christmas? you guys aren't coming out for christmas?

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