Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roly poly Cally

Three weeks ago, Cally figured out how to roll over. The hard way - from back-to-front.

Now she rolls over all the time. Especially when she's bored. She's getting better at pulling that arm out from under her. You can hear her grunting if she is stuck.

She rolls over in her sleep, which freaks us out a bit. But, clearly she prefers to sleep this way.

She's getting better lately at the rolling - going back-to-front and front-to-back. Now, she rolls all the way off her little floor gym. She sticks that bum way up in the air and pushes herself along - arms dragging by her side - to wriggle around on the floor. We have to watch her if she sleeps on my mum's bed and put pillows all around her so that she doesn't make it to the edge of the bed, which she very nearly did on Sunday. Imagine my horror at finding her a mere foot from the edge of the bed.

This girl doesn't like to stay put. She'll be crawling before we know it. She practically is already - she's just got to figure out those arms.

Have a look for yourselves.

This video is a few weeks old.  She whips over without much effort now.


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet!!!!! I love the photo of her snuggled up like a little gum nut baby. so so cute. i just can't believe how quickly she has grown.....she'll be crawling before j and i get to meet her..=( more video please! =) xn

emily said...

oooh. keep the video coming!!! i love seeing her in action!!! love you!

Becca said...

It's fun to see such a little nugget again on the move. As you know they grow up so fast! Finn is doing the running with the FULL use of his body. It's hilarious. Love it.
She is looking wonderful.

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