Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm not sure I can pinpoint what it is about hand-me-downs that I find so endearing.  I mean, I know from a practical stand point, it makes sense to share clothes.  Especially since babies grow out of things so quickly.  But, that's not it.

I think what I love is the sentimentality attached to them.  Someone has chosen you to give some of the sweet clothes their own little treasures wore and now you get to put them on your own little one.  It's that they come handed down to you, complete with all the love and care and good memories of when their growing baby was the size that yours is now.  It's why I'll post Buddy's things all the way to Madison so I can see and remember while I watch Theo, then Emmett and now Rubin wear them.

We love all of the precious clothes we've been given.  Some of Ella's favorite dresses are the ones that she calls her lolly-dresses or didi-dresses.  I will hang onto them so that when Ella outgrows them, they'll be ready for Cally.  Just as I have hung onto this pink linen outfit that was once Emma's and then Ella's and now Cally's.  

Ella, 2006

Cally, 2009 

And when Cally outgrows it, I will hang onto the memories I have of them when they were both small enough to wear it.


Anonymous said...

how sweet to see them both wearing Emma's linen outfit....it's crazy how different they look! hand-me-downs are the best! xn

Putri said...

it's funny, because i always got handmedowns from you and naem...and i never minded really, because i think you guys are so cool...but i always thought it was so special to get my own clothes....but this is WAY more special. they both are such beauties...love you.

janiece said...

The outfit is adorable--but what I really love is the hair!

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