Friday, May 15, 2009


It's how I feel. Try as I might to be positive about the change that lies ahead, right now I feel like crap.

I've been looking for apartments. Trying to find something close to where we were in our great neighbourhood of Stanley. Thinking about how we can squeeze into something so that we can stay in Stanley. Then we began negotiations upstairs. On Wednesday, I met with the landlord who agreed to a three year lease, and to fix it up for us.

Last night, I was on a high. This morning, I fell flat. The apartment has been whisked out from under us. They've decided to sell. So, we move on campus. Luckily, into the last three bedroom flat available. They almost offered it to someone else.

People say, it's a wonderful community. You'll love it there. The kids have so many other kids to play with. So much outdoor space to run. It's great for kids. I know they're right.

But, I already had those things. And more.


emily said...

oh. i hope we can chat this weekend. i'm thinking of you. XOXO

Anonymous said...

=( i'm so sorry.....was really hoping something could've worked with the flat upstairs. joey at least when we visit....we don't have to worry about how late we stay....or how early we arrive. =) xn

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