Monday, May 11, 2009

All I wanted.

A picture

of my children

with me in it.

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Thanks, Daddy.

Oh yes, Ella got a new haircut! Last week she wanted a mohawk like Buddy's.  By the time she got it cut, she'd decided to have hair like Didi.  

She loves it.  So do I.


Becca said...

Hi Norbyah! I almost like the "trying to get the perfect picture" pictures.
I think in there own way the really capture what families are ALL about. Rolling little piggies of children climbing all over you like a jungle gym and sometimes poking you in the eyes or nostrils with their wet sticky fingers..... Love LOVE Ella's haircut. What a cutie pie.

emily said...

i love it, too. looks just like lucy's new cut. adorable. xoxo

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