Monday, May 4, 2009

12 weeks

I went back to work today.

I wasn't looking forward to it, but I knew I'd be okay.  I was worried because Cally wasn't taking her bottle so well, but she did just fine.  Our Eva just has the touch.  Ella stayed home with a cold, so Eva brought them both to see me at school so I could feed Cally.  What a treat to see them both in the middle of the day.

Everyone at work was really happy to see me and greeted me with encouraging words.  I work with good people so it wasn't hard to be back.  What I didn't expect the third time around was how returning to work would affect Ella and Michael.  As I was gathering my things together this morning, Ella wrapped her arms around my legs and said, I'm going to miss you, Mummy.  Buddy echoed her sentiments.  And I when I looked up at them waving from the window in the morning, I felt it, too.

And, while being back at work wasn't so bad, I missed being the stay-at-home Mummy.  Knowing exactly what they do all day.  But, I'll find a new balance.  I've survived the first day.  And in six short weeks, I'll be home again.

Michael said something amusing the other day at breakfast.  He smiled at me and said, Remember when you said we wouldn't have any more kids?  Well, I said I wanted another baby, and it listened.

I'm so glad it did.


Anonymous said...

oh...i'm so glad it went well! or at least better than the first time you had to go back to work w/michael....have been thinking of you....wondering how the whole family would be adjusting. will try and catch you on skype or the phone yoU! xn PS i feel like the kiddos are growing SO quickly. =( i miss them so much.

Diane said...

I's wonderful to read about what Ella & Michael say - LOVED the "it listened" Sweet, sweet pictures in this post. Happy for you to have the support around you - at home & at work. Love, Diane

Becca said...

Good luck with everything as you settle into your new routine :) I remember it being rough. Get's easier though...hang in there!

emily said...

oh, i love you mama. love going through all of these things WITH you. muah.

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