Sunday, April 26, 2009

My first "not a hat" knitted project

. . . is finished!

On Wednesday morning, it looked like this.  Pretty close.

By Wednesday afternoon, it looked like this.  All loose ends woven in.  Buttons sewn on.   Pale pink buttons matching up with buttonholes.

And, as I mentioned before, it fits her perfectly.  

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.  I think I might even be confident enough to see if I can alter the pattern to make a bigger one for her.  Bigger wool, larger gauge needles.

Now, before any of you think that this is turning into a knitting blog - even though I said it wouldn't - here is a recent pic of little Cally up close.  And yes, she's wearing her new vest.

I think she likes it too.


Anonymous said...

omigosh! the vest looks bloody fantastic! good for you norn! =) you've officially moved on from hats! love the pics.....cally looks so sweet in her new vest...=) i'm sure ella can't wait for you to start hers...=) xn

Putri said...

wowzers! it looks so beautiful porks! you did such an amazing job! i love the last pic of you and cally together and of cally by herself. it's such a sweet pattern too. love you!

brummygem said...

that is so awesome!! you have officially inspired me to properly learn how to knit now. xx

emily said...


Diane said...

Looks like you've been knitting all your life - can imagine your joy seeing Cally IN it! I LOVE the subtle pink buttons you picked that either have some gray in them or reflect the gray. To have them match up with the button holes is a HUGE achievement! Yes - go on & on with your knitting adventure:)
Hugs, Diane

Becca said...

Love the vest Norbyah!
She's looking mighty fine in it!

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