Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little ditty

Ella loves to sing.  She sings or hums all the time.  While she plays. While she takes a bath. While she's on the toilet.  While she's putting on shoes.  While she's coloring.  You get the idea.

She sings what she hears at school, much of which is in Cantonese, so I can't exactly tell you what songs they are.  At Christmas she sang the Chinese version of Deck the Halls.  The only way I knew was when she got to the fa la la la la part.

This morning she's singing this:

Black sheep, Black sheep
Have you anymore?
Yes sir, Yes sir.
Three bags four.
One for the little boy,
One for the name,
One for the little girl who lives down the lame.


Anonymous said...

omigod! that's bloody hysterical!!!! somehow you've got to record that...=) man i love those little ones! =)xn....PS....I'm sure if you ask Poochee...she'll tell you i sing just like that....or at least my lyrics are just as off...

gilly said...

that's brilliant! Cushla's version goes something like...
baa baa sheep
have wool
yes sir
one a master
one dame
yay! (cushla applauding herself). Between the two of them they might just manage the whole thing!

Norbyah said...

joey's just reminded me of another one of her songs...ringo bells.

Norbyah said...

...and, bingo or d-i-n-g-o.

Putri said...

hahahah!!! that is so good! that little girl lives down the cute. you definitely should try to record it. remember how much we used to love the tape of you singing? so sad we lost it.
love you.

Anonymous said...

what tape? i have a tape of you crying! we need to digitize that.....

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