Friday, April 17, 2009

knit wit

Okay, it's time for me to come clean.  I'm obsessed.  Some of you may already know this.  I love knitting.  I really, really, really love knitting.  I mean, something has happened in the last few months, right before Cally's birth, and now it's taken hold.  

Since I've been living in Hong Kong, I've come to really enjoy knitting.  My mum taught me to knit when I was a child, first with a Knitting Nancy, and then on needles.  I never completed any projects because I just didn't have the stamina or the patience to do it when I was a teenager. Then my mum reintroduced me to knitting when I was pregnant with Michael, maybe in hopes that I'd knit him a sweet baby blanket or something.  That was when she caught the knitting bug again. But, not me.  Michael didn't get a baby blanket.  He got a washcloth.  

For me, it started when we formed a knitting circle - a group of friends, friends of friends, and colleagues - to sit around once a month and knit.  We were knitters at all levels.  Some of us were just learning, others were seasoned knitters.  It was an opportunity to get together for a few hours of uninterrupted knitting time.  We bounced ideas off each other.  We deciphered patterns together.  Some of us have moved on.  It was with these women - one of whom is my own mother - that I grew confident to try something more.

My butterfly hat.

My first FO or finished object - See? I've picked up some of the knitting lingo. Obsessed! - was a bean bag for both Michael and Ella.  Then I moved onto hats.  I made one for Buddy, one for Ella (with a cable knit stitch).  And one for our friend Jason at work.  Then I made Cally her pixie hat.  Most recently, I finished a hat for myself.  I found the pattern on Soule Mama.  I started it before Cally was born, and I finished it last week.  I stuck with it, even though I had to rip it back and start over four times!  What I loved about it was that I learned lots of new things.  First, I learned to knit in the round.  Then, I learned about using stitch markers.  And, I did this neat butterfly stitch.  It looks fancy, but was surprisingly easy.

Sometime in between breastfeeding, changing nappies, reading stories, playing, blogging, trying to sleep and now pumping, I've managed to surf the net for knitting blogs.  I've been a devoted reader of Soule Mama and from there, I linked onto other blogs.  You've probably noticed my growing list of cool crafty, knitty blogs.  I'm addicted to them.  The ones I like the most are Reckless Glue and knitlit. The projects these two women choose to knit are similar to the ones I like myself.  In fact, I have some of the same patterns in my queue, waiting to be knitted.

So, now I've got a list of projects that I want to knit.  I've moved on from hats and ventured into...sweaters!  I've got a pattern for a vest for Cally and a cap-sleeved top for Ella.  Buddy wants a vest now, too.  Maybe I'll even knit this cardigan for myself.  And, oh yeah, I joined Ravelry.  It's a knitting/crocheting community online that helps you organize your projects and see what other people are doing and the modifications they have made.  You can even ask questions or read about the problems they might have had with their projects.  

What's really cool is watching my love of knitting - and my mother's - get passed on to Michael and Ella.  I think what I love most about knitting is that aspect of it.  It's a craft that is handed down from generation to generation.  I love that my mum and I can sit together and knit.  And, that it's something she taught me that she's now passing onto my children.  

First, with a Knitting Nancy.  It was Buddy's Christmas gift from Gooning and he loves it.

I love his face - focused and concentrating - as he does when he's inventing, drawing or making things (like the headphones he made yesterday out of a pipe cleaner and bits of tape and paper).  I love that when I knit with my mum now, Buddy asks for his knitting so that he can sit with us. Even Ella walks around with a small ball of wool that I cut off of some wool in my stash that she calls her knitting.

You know, it's funny.  I've always wanted to be one of those crafty people.  I've always admired my sisters.  They both live in NYC.  They are artsy.  Naem looks at something and thinks, I can make that myself.  In addition to working on her novel, she's dabbled in handbags, jewelry, clothing and even furniture.  Poo, well, she's always had flare.  She used to raid my dad's closet for his old clothes.  She always looks cool.  She studied photography and can take awesome photos.  She works in an art gallery!  

Me?  Well - I've never thought to describe myself as creative.  Nope.  I teach.  I'm conventional. No flare.  But then it dawned on me.  I can knit!  I don't think I'll be writing my own patterns anyday soon, but I can follow other people's patterns.  And, I think I'm getting reasonably good at this whole knitting thing.  

I know with my return to work - only a few weeks away now - that I'll have even less time to knit, but that doesn't matter.  It's something that is relaxing and it helps me unwind.  Not even a dropped stitch can make me grumpy.  Don't worry, I'm not transforming my blog into a knitting blog or anything.  But maybe - from time to time - I might put up some pictures and share bits and pieces about this part of me, too.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! your hat looks marvelous! You should be so proud of yourself! i know i am...=) I am so glad that you are enjoying your lucky that you can do it with mummy....and now your two kiddos. what a special moment to capture in your blog. you've inspired me...perhaps i can make washcloth? love the photo of cally hanging out underneath your armpit while you knit. =) love you. xn

brummygem said...

hey norbyah,

i love this post! you've given me hope that my own knitting attempts might one day yield some results. and i love your purple hat! as for being creative - i've always thought of you as creative. people express it in different ways. you've got (and always had) a cool, quirky and unique sense of style - which i even remember from our middle school days! and knitting is a great creative outlet. i wish we could knit together! enjoy the next few weeks of cally-time and knitting-time :-)


emily said...

you, my girl, are my flare. i love you. i LOVE this post, and the photos, OH... the photos. they melted my heart. <3

jessica said...

the pics of you nursing and knitting are wonderful... it looks as if Cally just kind of scooted down when she was done and you kept at it without missing a beat!! i love your hat.

Putri said...

you are so creative norn!! from the days of the knee highs, cat eyes and now butterflies in your knitted you so much. love seeing the things you make. and i love the photos of you nursing cally while you knit.

Becca said...

Hi Norbyah -
Loved this post! LOVE the hat. You are looks beautiful on you too by the way. It seems that your family is settling in! What a cute crew you got there. I can't wait to see more of your creations. i LOVE knit hats and have a ton of them. I feel justified in that we suffer SUCH a long winter here....I need multiples!

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