Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My little pixie

I hope you don't mind the new background.  I took a picture at my mum's fish pond at school, which I thought looked nice.  And, I'm doing my best to think Spring thoughts so that our dreary, cold, grey, overcast, windy weather will change.  I've promised Cally some sun.  As Ella would say, what's taking Spring so long?

Remember that hat I was in a race to finish for Cally?  Well, she's had ample reasons to wear it in our cooler weather.  So, I've taken some photos to show.  It's a good thing Cally was a girl - the color of the hat is quite a bit girly (as some of you pointed out in my previous post).  Joey told me that as soon as I picked the wool.  I must have known.  But I told him a boy could wear tangerine orange nevertheless.  

In any case, I think it turned out well.  And, she looks really cute in it.

My little pixie.

She debuts her pixie hat where else? At our knitting circle.

Our host, my friend and neighbour Belinda. 

Posing to show off my workmanship - both the hat and Cally.


brummygem said...

i love the new background - what a great photo! - very zen and beautiful! and i also love the little pixie in her hat. you've inspired me to get back to learning my knitting (i don't think i'm a natural!) x

Christian Parmann said...

oh my goodness i just love that little hat. no, i just think i love that little munchkin in the hat! norbyah you look fantastic after just having a baby! you two are beautiful in that picture. we are dealing with 12 degree weather here! love to you guys!

Anonymous said...

What about Snugglepot and Cuddlepie? She definitely looks like she could be a little gumnut baby...=) so cutesy! as UJ would say..=)...xn

emily said...

gorgeous. i love the new hat. i love the baby even more. is it wrong that i begrudge belinda for being there, to hold her????? my arms ache.

rerama salju said...

Hi there,
U have such a wonderful blog,n yr baby is simly super cute!Can I add yr blog to mine?


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