Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cally is... of three.  She's loved - more than she knows - by her two siblings, who waited so patiently for her to come home.  They are enjoying her presence in our house and she is becoming increasingly  aware of them.  They like to help me change her nappy, give her a bath and get her ready to head out.  If ever I need something, all I need to do is call on Buddy or Ella, who cheerfully help me with whatever it is I need. They are happily getting to know her and her habits.  They delight in the little noises she makes and the looks that she gives them.  In this picture, Buddy is explaining what he does to help Cally find her finger when she is a bit fussy. When she finds it, she sucks it and feels better.  

...getting out more.  The February weather has been overwhelmingly overcast and dull.  On the day Joey's parents arrived, we had a sunny, hot day so we took it as a chance to take a nice walk.  I've borrowed a wrap from a neighbour, and I bundled Cally up in it to take a stroll around Stanley.  Cally is very happy to go just about anywhere - to the coffee shop, through the market, and even out to dinner.  She mostly sleeps.  But, she'll soon enjoy all the sights we have around Stanley.  I have recently been taking her out in the baby stroller to give my back some relief - not because she's heavy, but because I've somehow injured it.

...has longer awake periods and is really interested in what she sees.  While she can still only see about 8 to 15 inches in front of her face, it's fun to watch her become more aware of her surroundings.  She hears the voices and turns to where they are coming from, she likes to look at her brother and sister, and she likes lights and colors.  She smiles quite a bit, though not in response to things yet.  At least, I don't think so.  She's just a very smiley baby.

...a great sleeper.  Although I know as soon as I write this, she'll probably change her sleep patterns, Cally enjoys her sleep.  In the beginning I worried because I wanted her to eat frequently to help lower her bilirubin levels to get rid of the jaundice.  Now, Joey and I are both enjoying good stretches of sleep thanks to Cally.  She goes to bed between 8 and 9-ish and hasn't been getting up until around 2-ish and not again until 6-ish.  If we could only get her siblings sleeping, we'd be set.  Buddy still gets up to use the bathroom and because he is scared and Ella has been sick with a terrible cold and ear infection.  Cally gets a bit fussy - although it can hardly be called that - just before she goes to sleep at night.  She doesn't really want to nurse or have her pyer, and can be hard to settle, but it is usually short-lived.  She's starting to take a couple of long naps during the day - once in the morning, once in the afternoon.  


...fitting into our lives very easily.  Sometimes, we hardly notice her.  She is a mellow little baby and hasn't ruffled anyone's feathers.  I think the fact that Buddy and Ella had to wait to meet her gave them the opportunity to really accept her without having her around to disrupt their lives.  Cally really is happy to just be where we are.  As we are happy for her to be there.

...adored by all her grandparents.  And we've had the pleasure of having all four of them here in one country to see her.  This doesn't happen very often, so we feel very lucky and grateful that our parents have travelled - mine twice to Wisconsin and Joey's here to Hong Kong - to make it happen for each of our children. officially Cally.  We registered her birth with the Hong Kong government and received her birth certificate just yesterday on the 6th of March.  And she really is becoming her own Cally.  Initially, every time I heard her name mentioned, I would always think of the other Cally, our dear family friend.  But more and more these days, when I hear someone say Cally, I think of mine.


Shan said...

How lovely to have all grandparents in the same country to welcome Cally into the world. What a special family moment for you all. xo

brummygem said...

What a lovely post Norbyah! I'm so glad that Cally is home now and that you are all bringing each other so much joy! x

janiece said...

Oh those are moments to treasure and the photo of the children and their grandparents is just awesome. Those are so special. Love the yawning photo of Cally too!

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