Friday, February 6, 2009

Pregnancy folklore

One of my favorite things about pregnancy is how there are so many old wives' tales about figuring out the gender of the baby.  These days, everyone is weighing in on what I'm having. And, as long as they aren't telling me I'm huge, I find the tales and the people who tell them quite endearing.

Now, I think I've carried this baby just as I have my other two.  All baby, all belly.  Right out in front like a basketball.  Joey teases me and says my bum has gotten bigger, and I'm sure it has, but for the most part it's all belly.

The overwhelming majority of people here tell me I'm having a boy.  My belly is compact, all out in front, and low.  When I sit across the dinner table from Joey, he says he can't tell I'm pregnant. Women in shops say I'm having a boy because I have no belly around my sides and from behind, you cannot even tell I'm pregnant.   This seems to be the a universal old wives tale.  It is similar to what I was told back in the States.

Then I tell them I carried this same way when I had Ella.  And, when I was visiting my parents here and I was 6 months pregnant with her, the women in the shops all thought it was a boy then.  I'm not convinced that belly shape or how I'm carrying is a fool-proof method for me.

There are some other old wives' tales I've heard this time around, and they're very amusing.  A few people here like my hair stylist are convinced I'm having a girl because my face looks beautiful.  Or as Buddy's friend's mum - and our coworker - says I'm stunning so it has to be a girl.  Of course, I've heard the flip side of this as well.  If you have a girl, you look terrible because the girl takes all the beauty for herself.

Eva and a few of her friends were sizing me up at the park the other day and used a Filipino method to guess gender.  They took a look at Ella's hairline, at the nape of her neck, and decided it would be a girl.  Apparently, in the Philippines, you look at the neck of the child before and if the hairline is clean, it will be a girl.  If there is a lot of baby hair on his or her neck, then the new baby will be a boy.  

Just today, I heard another new tale.  Some women in Stanley Market said boy again so I explained that I've carried the same way for all my pregnancies and had a boy and a girl.  This threw them for a loop.  I was sized up again with skeptical eyes and hands on chins when one woman stepped forward and asked me what side of my belly I could feel most of the kicking. Easy answer - almost exclusively the right side and up in my ribs, too.  Then the woman stated with certain conviction that it was a girl.

I have absolutely no idea myself.  No instinct or hunch.  Ella is utterly convinced the baby is coming on Saturday and has been telling everyone who asks.  I don't know what intuition she's operating on.  I guess only time will tell.


emily said...

i have a co-worker that looked into my ear both times i was pregnant to "predict" the baby's gender. i'm not sure what he was looking at... or for... he'd never tell! he DID, however, get it right. both times!

janiece said...

I'm sure he/she will be lovely just like you and your other children. I would say the chances for a girl are 50% and a boy 50% ! :)

Shan said...

The truth of the matter is that you carry your pregnancies exceptionally well - boy or girl. I keep checking my email account on a constant basis! xo

Pamela said...

I stumbled upon your blog from Gillian's (we went to high school together) blog and I have to tell you, your blog is wonderful! I was actually intrigued by the name of your blog. You are an excellent writer. I hope it doesn't weird you out that a complete stranger is on your blog, but I assure you I am harmless, not a stalker! Good luck with the delivery.

gilly said...

Hi Pam!! nice to see you here. She's a safe one norbyah...not a nutter like me! haha.
N, you're so patient. I used to get thoroughly irked at folk appraising the size and shape of my bump and arse,the condition of my hair and skin and worse discussing it all as though i weren't even there before arriving at a 'boy/girl' conclusion they had pulled out of their butt! I think i probably carried similar to you...belly belly belly and not much else changing and I was constantly told boy both times. It's a crap shoot! For what it's worth though...I think girl! (no logical reasoning of course...just pulled a guess out of my butt!)

Norbyah said...

Welcome Pam! I'm happy to have readers. I think that blogs create a wonderful sense of community...and connections. Thanks for your comments and I hope you'll keep reading and commenting.

Hey Gilly, how's Fraser? Would love to see some new pics!


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